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GNU Image Manipulation Program

Here, make sure to replace the appname with the actual app name you noted above. In case you want to delve deeper and uninstall framework apps and more system apps from Windows 11, click on “View” at the top bar and enable them. After that, select the apps and uninstall them. Open the Start menu and simply right-click on the app you want to remove if it’s pinned here and click on “Uninstall”. Where you have a list of apps that are installed on the system, you can find it under the Control Panel. You can quickly remove a program or an app from your Windows PC, it’s easy, you just need to use the Start menu and find the app.

When you buy a computer with Windows pre-installed, its called an OEM license, and the license cost is included in the final product price. When you buy a computer with DOS, you need to buy a retail license from the Microsoft site or an authorized dealer. The difference is that the OEM license is non-transferable. If you sell your computer and buy a new one, the retail license is transferable, which makes it a lifelong deal.

Uninstall apps on Windows 11 with Settings

Let’s quickly go over how to uninstall apps on Windows 11. If you often install apps on your PC, there is a high chance you have some that you haven’t used in a while. Such apps are likely to fill up space, especially if you rarely check for those you no longer need. Over time, this is likely to affect your machine’s performance.

  • After right-clicking, a drop-down menu with several options will appear.
  • Genuine Windows is delivered by Microsoft and trusted partners, with the assurance of reliable, continued support and the latest updates.
  • A bunch of unwanted games like CandyCrush and Mahjong were also already installed.
  • If you find a bug and report it to Microsoft, you will receive a reward for your effort.

If you thought Windows updates were just about pushing new features or updating old ones, you are wrong. Microsoft frequently pushes small updates that fix known bugs and errors. These bugs affect how you interact with Windows OS here as well as Microsoft apps. These are just some of the key features that you would be missing. And the Windows dev team is constantly working on new features that you will never receive because you can’t download updates either.


Windows Surface users can use Windows logo + Volume Down hardware buttons combination and take a screenshot of the entire screen. Simply hold down the Windows logo touch button on the bottom of your screen and the volume down button on the side simultaneously. The Game Bar lets you take screenshots of your active game window. This shortcut, Fn + Alt + Print Screen, is similar to the one outlined above. It takes a screenshot of the active window and copies it to the clipboard.

The next steps differ depending on the program. In some cases, the application will be removed and you won’t have to do anything else. You may get a pop-up window asking you to confirm. You may get a window that says “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? If you get an uninstall window, click Next or Continue and follow the steps in the window to uninstall the app. At the same time, some applications may become obsolete over time and you may want to remove them to free up space.

Follow these steps to uninstall preinstalled apps using Powershell.

However, many times, a few programs refuse to uninstall from our Windows PC, and here a third-party app represents a handy role. In this gearupwindows post, we will guide you with all the possible methods and programs to quickly and easily uninstall software on your Windows 10 PC. Some of the methods are useful to uninstall the apps on Windows 7/8 also. In this case, you need to utilize third-party software to uninstall programs Windows 10. With the two tools, you can delete the files completely. Another popular uninstaller application is the CCleaner which you easily download from here.